Team Talent Challenge  |  December 6   

This exciting new event will allow six teams of 6th through 12th graders to prepare a piece showcasing their skills in the areas of acting, singing, music and / or dance. Students will be assigned to teams and will have thirty days to prepare their pieces under the guidance of a coach. The goal will be for each team to create a high-quality 15-minute performance piece, which they will perform on Friday, December 6, 2019 at 7pm at The Franke Center. It should be a night of exciting, competitive fun– and all proceeds will go to benefit Franke Center Children’s Theater. Click here for tickets!


Frozen Jr.  |  February 13, 14, 15 and 16

Every child knows the story of Disney’s Elsa and Anna—now, young actors 5th through 9th grade will perform their story live on stage!

Performance dates: February 13-15 at 7pm, and Sunday, February 16 at 2:30pm.





Congratulations to our Frozen Jr Cast!

Elsa: Caetlyn Finegan

Anna: Elliana Ebner

Hans: Sam Rodgers

Kristoff: Paul Butterfield

Olaf: Andrew Root

Oaken: Remee Morse

King Agnarr: Stephen Klepper *

Queen Iduna: Violet Holbrook *

Sven: Spencer Oswald

Weselton: Carter Damon *

Young Elsa: Whitney Ivey

Middle Elsa: Margaret Rodgers *

Young Anna: Mollie Weaver

Middle Anna: Hallie Machalka *

Pabbie: Audrey Amting

Bulda: Aubrey Tarkiewicz

Bishop: Emily Lemon

Townsperson #1: Mary Claire Davis

Townsperson #2: Audrey Anthony

Townsperson #3: Lucy Gensch

Townsperson #4: Ryan Murphy

Townsperson #5: Jackson Graeber

Townsperson #6: Mason Bartlett

Handmaiden: Miriam Brownell *

Housekeeper: Ciara Funk *

Butler: Eliza MacQuaig *

Steward: Bella Rupp *

Cook: Eliza Jones *

Snow Dancers: Annabelle Davis, Camille Decola, Adrienne Dysinger, Aubrey Dysinger, Addyson Groeneveld, Jordan Harrell, Maeley Hydrick, Anderson Welker, Grace Wilbur, Zadie Zuehkle

Oeken Family (Also Hidden Folk Chorus Act 2): Luke Bierbaum, Noah French, Landon Holibaugh, Elizabeth London, Garrett Mellow

Hygge and Hidden Folk Chorus: Morgan Baker, Ella Bladen, Gianna DeCola, Grace Fouty, Rylee Hulbert, Jack Marsh, Olivia Suhocki

In Summer and Hidden Folk Dancers: Kate Gensch, Gabby Jude, Kaya Oswald, Jenna Rissi, Ariana Russell, Angel Warner, Leia Young

In Summer only Dancers: Hallie Machalka, Margaret Rodgers

People of Arendelle – Makayla Bailey, Shannon Barba, Miriam Brownell, Ciara Funk, Hannah Eggleton, Chance Hamilton, Violet Holbrook, Eliza Jones, Josephine Kidder, Shane Klepper, Stephen Klepper, Emily Lemon, Kyleigh Marshall, Eliza MacQuaig, Amelia Monaweck, Trinity Razkowic, Bella Rupp, Bella Ryan, Jade Skidmore, Nova Schnitzler, Kayla Smith, Alaina Stafford


Any casting questions please contact the Producer Allison Ebner 269-274-5795

We ask if anyone chooses to decline the role, please notify the producer with 24 hours of this posting. Thank you.

No experience is necessary for students to participate in any Franke Center Children’s Theater programs, and scholarships are available. For more information, please email aebner@frankecenterforthearts.org or call 269-274-5795.