Production 4 – Wizard of Oz

As the play begins, a cyclone lifts Dorothy Dale and her pet cow, Imogene, from their farm in Kansas to Oz, a fairy garden. When the Kansas farmhouse crashes from the sky it kills the cruel witch who for so many years has ruled so despotically over the Munchkins–inhabitants of Oz. The Munchkins are now free. In gratitude the good witch of Oz presents Dorothy with a ring which has the power to grant two wishes. To test the ring, Dorothy wastes her first wish on a trifle. But she has saved her second wish to bring Scarecrow back to life. The latter complains that he has lost his brains, that the only person able to restore them to him is the Wizard of Oz. And so, Dorothy and the Scarecrow go off in search of the Wizard. On the way they meet and are joined by the Tin Woodsman who is on the hunt for his heart, which was lost when he fell in love with Cynthia. The three go through various episodes and adventures, but in the end they do manage to find the Wizard. Thus Scarecrow gets back his brains, and the Tin Man his heart–much to the delight of little Dorothy.

Show Dates: October 15, 16, 17, 18 of 2015